Victor's Cornerstone Caledonia
Victor's Cornerstone Caledonia
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The Founders

Victor Walewski and his son Peter founded the restaurant in 1995 as a father and son team. Victor came to Canada on the Queen Mary in the 1950's and continue his trade in the culinary business. A classicly trained European chef, Mr. Walewski passed down his lifetime of experience to the next generation. Peter is currently the executive chef and operator of Victor's Cornerstone Restaurant.

Our Location

Caledonia is a small riverside community and former town located on the Grand River in Haldimand County, Ontario, Canada. Haldimand County is in the western part of the Niagara Peninsula, and had a population of over 45,000. 

Caledonia is located at the intersection of Highway 6 and Haldimand Highway 54 (within the town, these streets are called Argyle Street and Caithness Street respectively) on the Grand River. On Highway 6, the town is 10 km south of Hamilton and 10 km north of Hagersville. On Haldimand Highway 54, the town is 15 km east of Brantford, Ontario and 10 km west of Cayuga, Ontario.


Caledonia was once a small strip of land between Seneca and Oneida villages. The Grand River traveled through Caledonia dividing it into two sides, North and South. In 1834, Ranald McKinnon was hired by the Grand River Navigation company to build a dam in Seneca and a dam in Caledonia. Completed in 1840, the dams made water power available. Mills sprung up all over Seneca village, and five mills were built in Caledonia by 1850. One renamed Caledonia Mill is preserved but closed to visitors.